Purchase tickets online hereor in person at the Lethbridge & District Exhibition Lotteries towers at our Signature Events.

Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit or Debit.

1 for $10 ($10.00 each)
5 for $25
 ($5.00 each)
25 for $50 ($2.00 each)
50 for $75 ($1.50 each)
125 for $125 ($1.00 each)

The final ticket deadline is August 27, 2022. The draw date will occur shortly after.

The lottery draw will be conducted using an RNG (Random Number Generation) system. The winning raffle draw number shall be determined from the pool of sold lottery ticket numbers.

Winners will be directly contacted via phone and the winner will be posted on the Lethbridge & District Exhibition Lotteries website.

Stride Management Corp. and Lethbridge & District Exhibition.

Contest guidelines prohibit the following people from purchasing tickets: The Lottery Manager, the Ticket Auditor, the Lottery Committee, Lethbridge & District Exhibition employees, the Board of Directors of Lethbridge & District Exhibition, employees of Stride Management Corp., immediate family and same household of those listed above, and anyone under the age of 18.

Yes. Should the ticket be a winner, the prize is then awarded to the corporation or business, and then person who claims the prize must be able to prove they are an authorized officer of that company.

In the event that a winning ticket stub lists more than one name, the Licensee will award the prize to any individual whose name is listed first on the front of the stub. The Licensee is not responsible for resolving any disputes that may arise between the different individuals. If a multiple ticket package is purchased, each ticket in a set must contain the same information.

Yes, you will receive an e-receipt # confirming your order in the system.